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"Sadly", most of our work is done for big clients who demand their privacy. Therefore we can not share their projects publicly.

Some of the work consists of building large booking systems and API's to support their wide client audience. The rest ranges from small company websites to medium or large ecommerce applications and In-house projects.

Technologies and work habbits

Most of our work is based on the PhalconPHP framework accompanied by a tailor made CMS solution to meet your specific needs.
We treasure your clients time, therefore website load time is crucial. Your project will be released with 90+ Google's PageSpeed and Yahoo's YSlow score and a bunch of advices how to mantain the healthy score.

We always think one step ahead by building on top of the RESTful web services. This gives you unlimited potential for growth and the ability to quickly build and scale new projects, mobile applications and all sorts of software that depends on centralised information. Of course we do not want to sound trivial, but this saves you time and money.