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Great! We are pleased that you are impressed enough to share some of your precioussssssss ♫ time to contact us! But before doing so, please read below.

Few reasons not to get in touch in order to save us all some time.
Nothing personal.

  • You're looking for someone to build a quick and cheap project. We value our knowledge and skills, therefore we can not tolerate "But you did this for X time for Y payment" attitude. It took us years of reading, learning and practice to achieve this. If you can not realise the benefits of this for your business, we are not the right partner for you! We enjoy doing Pro bono work for good causes that we believe in.
  • You have a very close or unrealistic deadline. While there are times that we can start working immediately, most of the time we are busy. We belive that good projects require time and attention to details. "Delving in the stone takes more time than writing on the sand, but it lasts longer."
  • You are having problems with your code and want someone to make it work for free. We would love to give you a hand and point you in the right direction, so you can solve the problem yourself. However we can not invest our time in studying, debugging and solving your issue.

If you are still reading, then we would love to hear from you! The more details you include about your project, the more accurate response you will receive from us.

Give us a poke at hi@n14o.com